PR405 DTS Gray High Build Primer Hardener 2.1 VOC
Prop65 Warning
Description: Pure Reflections (DTS) is a two component, Low VOC, Direct to Substrate – Sandable Primer Surfacer that can achieve a very high film build through it’s high solids/low viscosity technology. A smaller than normal tip size, allows for smoother application and less work when trying to achieve a total flat-sanded surface. This primer also offers excellent sanding characteristics and gloss holdout.
Product Number: PR405
VOC: 2.1 VOC
Sizes: PR405-04 DTS Gray High Build Primer Hardener 2.1 VOC - Quart
PR405-16 DTS Gray High Build Primer Hardener 2.1 VOC - Half Pint
Use With
PR401 DTS Gray High Build Primer 2.1 VOC
Safety Data Sheets: PR405-Half-Pint-SDS-2022.11.27-English_US.pdfPR405-Quart-SDS-2016.08.02-Spanish_US.pdfPR405-Quart-SDS-2020.04.14-English_Canada.pdfPR405-Quart-SDS-2020.04.14-English_US.pdfPR405-Quart-SDS-2020.04.14-French_Canada.pdfPR405-Quart-SDS-2022.11.27-English_US.pdf
Technical Data Sheets: PR401-PR405-TDS-2020.08.pdf